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Start your business or idea today with a stunning website crafted from the ground up to meet your exact preferences!

Have you tried website builders but you just dont want to pay crazy monthly or annual fees on top of your domain?

At BareCloudz Web Design we want to fix this which is why we offer you a free quote and a 2 step payment method. You pay a fraction of the final cost upfront and the remaining after your website is exactly how you want!

You'll get:
A website that belongs to you, your own email + email accounts for employees and also a friendly developer to talk to along the way!

After your final payment we offer 6 months of free support & website informational changes.


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Jan 1st 20xx

To The Point!
A better way to get your idea or company out there to the World Wide Web!

Feb 1st 20xx

How You Want
Have specific needs? Let us know, we would love to see how our developers could turn your idea/buisness into a real place to visit!
Mar 1st 20xx

Your website should look and feel like a mobile application that your users love as soon as they start scrolling; with good content of course!

Apr 1st 20xx

No Hidden Fees!
It may not actually be April fools day, but No were not joking!
If at any point you are unsure of the final cost, or remaining balance: Ask us!
We aim to be as transparent as possible while also protecting our clients data.
May 1st 20xx

At This Point
The usual question at this point: where do we get started? Keep scrolling and you will find a way to get in touch with us!

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Tell us about your idea/buisness. We want to visualize your idea so we can get to coding & so you get to smiling!

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